1. Januar 2023 Piramid

Gofundme Agreement

In recent years, crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe have revolutionized the way people raise funds for various causes, including medical expenses, education, business startups, and charity. Yet, as with any financial transaction, there is always the need for a legal agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of the arrangement between the donor and the recipient.

GoFundMe is no exception. The platform has a user agreement that governs the use of its services by users, including fundraisers and donors. This agreement sets the legal framework for the relationship between the parties and covers various issues such as fees, refunds, intellectual property, and disputes.

Before launching a campaign on GoFundMe, fundraisers should carefully review the user agreement to ensure compliance with its terms. Here are some key provisions that fundraisers should be aware of:

Fees: GoFundMe charges a platform fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 per donation, which is deducted from the donation amount. Fundraisers can also choose to cover the transaction fees themselves so that donors are not charged any additional fees.

Refunds: Donors can request a refund within 30 days of their donation if they believe that the fundraiser has misrepresented the purpose of the campaign or if they suspect fraud. GoFundMe may also initiate a refund if it detects fraudulent activity or a violation of its policies.

Intellectual Property: Fundraisers must own all the copyright and other intellectual property rights to the content they upload to their campaign page, including photos, videos, and text. They can also use third-party content with permission or under fair use.

Disputes: In case of a dispute between the fundraiser and the donor, GoFundMe encourages both parties to try to resolve the issue informally. If that fails, they can escalate the matter to GoFundMe`s customer support, which will try to mediate the dispute. If that also fails, both parties can resort to legal action, but they must first agree to submit to binding arbitration rather than going to court.

By understanding and abiding by GoFundMe`s user agreement, fundraisers can protect themselves from legal and financial risks and build trust with donors. Moreover, they can leverage the platform`s SEO features to optimize their campaigns for search engines and attract more visibility and donations. A well-crafted GoFundMe campaign with a clear and compelling story, realistic goal, and engaged audience can not only raise the needed funds but also inspire a sense of community and compassion.